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The Shining

The Shining
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watching Documentary

What Thomas sutcliffe is trying to say is that their are two ways to seduce your audience by either going into a film or from the beginning of the film to seduce your audience with instant arousal. In my opinion i believe as part of an audience i would rather watch a film that instantly catching my attention from the beginning and seducing me into the film.

According to director Jean Jacques Beineix the risk of instant arousal is that you might start a film with a dramatic or action packed opening, you will pleasure the audience in doing so, however the audience will expect or from you after the opening and if the director doesn't have any ideas the film is over. Jean Jacques Beineix says that you should start an opening slow and then go into the dramatic instant arousal.

You have to to make a good judgment on how much information you give away in the opening of a movie, too much information might just give it away to the audience, however you have to make sure the audience doesn't know to little. So this judgment has to be crucial in order to pleasure your audience.

Stanley Kauffmann describes the classic opening as you get a view of new york city, then the shot of a tower block, a shot of the window, through the window pass the receptionist and then to the main office. What a classic opening does is that it establishes normality it just shows the audience how everyday life is but then later on in the film in unfolds to shows the audience it's not like everyday life, therefore it changes the view of the audience.

Kyle Cooper's title sequence to the film seven is effective due to, it foreshadows  whats going to happen next and it shows the obsessive psychotic nature of the films main character. With the effective of font and psychotic pictures.

The trick of the film Noir is that the film starts with the end of the movie. This leaves the audience in shock and instantly grabs the attention of the audience.

The film Shinning creates suspense through the camera angel it's shot at also the background music creates suspense. The camera is like a predator and the car is the prey, the cars is driving away into an isolated area it creates tension and this gives the audience a sense that something is going top go wrong.

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